2015.365 Photo Challenge – Week 4

2015 365 Week 4-01

Day22 – Liquid: I’m pretty much the luckiest lady in the world as Mr. Faber makes me amazing coffee every darn morning.  This is seriously good stuff.  I should really say he makes me a latte every morning.  I realized over the holiday that I never even went into Starbucks to get a holiday drink (and I’ve always loved those!) The ones my sweetie makes are so. much. better.

Day23 – Complimentary: Blue and Coral (a relative of orange) envelopes – I have a thing for envelopes. And paper.

Day24 – Jewel: My engagement ring has a little bit of a history.  It’s over a hundred years old.  The stone was given to my mother-in-law from her mother-in-law who got it from her husband’s family. It’s a really pretty stone and I love that it has a story.

Day25 – Words: House Made Fireball!!!  I didn’t get to try it. This was at a restaurant called Bourbon that is inside of the new Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.  It was really good (and expensive).

Day26 – Bokeh: I don’t know how to produce bokeh so I took this picture of the stunning sunset I saw while in Santa Clara on my run that evening.  The colors were fabulous.

Day27 – Today: The offices in Santa Clara of the company I work for are on an old campus.  Our meetings were in the Bell Tower and it has a lot of really great original features.  I really liked this banister and the way the light from the huge window hit it in the afternoon.

Day28 – Pretty Things: I found these adorable gold heart paper clips at the office store one day.  They are great for scrapbooking projects!