2017 Week in the Life – Monday 4/17

YAY!! Week in the Life!!!  I Love this project. The first year I participated, 2015, it was a bit overwhelming but still exciting and I learned so much about my process and how I could make it better for the next year. So I played along again last year and I completely fell in love. I loved taking photos, reviewing my photos and blogging about them each day, deciding what to print and edit, putting the album together – just everything.

Today, I decided I had better go through my album from last year to remind myself about what I did well, how many photos I ideally want to have each day and what I can improve on this year. I really never record things, ever, but thought I would record the walk through so that you can see how my album turned out last year!! (Spoiler, it’s really similar to Ali’s! Ha!)

MONDAY, APRIL 17th 2017

Typical morning involves a 6-6:30am wake-up call from Penny (our younger Labradoodle). When Izzy is sure that Penny has successfully pulled me (almost always me, rather than Colin, as I’m the bigger pushover) out of bed, she joins us on our trip to the back door. They both do a quick job outside and then come back in for breakfast. We all go back to bed for another couple hours.

8:30am | Colin’s alarm goes off and he starts to check his email on his phone from bed. I also do a little screen time while Colin starts to get dressed. About 30 minutes later, he reenters the room with a cup of coffee for me!!

The weather today is gorgeous. It’s in the 70s, sunny, and there is a light breeze. Penny is laying by the open door, but when I approach, she gets excited that I might be going outside. Both dogs love it when we are outside.

Colin has taken advantage of the weather and is doing his work from the patio – smart. He multi-tasks and throws the disk for the dogs.

I made myself a really quick breakfast of toast with chocolate hazelnut butter and then Colin and I head into Boulder for our Chiropractor appointments. Colin doesn’t actually have an appointment, but Cindie is always very accommodating and lets him slip in with me. I just got home from traveling to visit family in WI so I’m definitely in need of some adjusting! The drive into Boulder is stunning, as always.

1:00PM | Home again and time for lunch!

The girls are supervising.

Quesadilla for me! Colin found some gluten free tortillas that have more of the consistency of flour tortillas (rather than corn) and I love them! I can finally have quesadillas and burritos again. Winning!!

Today I did a lot of catch up on emails & list making and such for my business. I rewarded myself with a little time to do some lettering. This month, I’ve been participating in a couple of lettering challenges on Instagram. One of them is a Harry Potter themed challenge revolving around spells, charms and potions. It’s been really fun!

Izzy napping in front of the door. There was a very nice breeze coming through, I understand why she picked this spot!

It’s about 5 o’clock and I’m ready for a break. I grab a LaCroix (Peach/Pear today) and my book, and I head outside.

But then Colin gets home from making a Craig’s List trade – a bike rack for this brand new hammock (ours broke last fall). He puts it up right away and of course we have to try it out! Snuggles, sunshine and squinty eyes 🙂

Enjoying the wonderful breeze…

My friend Tess called to chat about her baby shower that I’m planning/hosting at the end of the month. Colin walked in and insisted that I needed a photo of this goofiness, ha! (PS see that awesome closet behind me?! Colin built that last week while I was gone – we now each have our own closet in our bedroom – just need doors. Gosh I love that man!)

6:30PM | We finally make it to the gym. I did some core exercises and then grabbed a recumbent bike. I love those bikes because I can easily read while I pedal!  I’ve been making my way through the Harry Potter series this year. I’m currently about 100 pages away from finishing the 5th book, The Order of the Phoenix.

Gorgeous sunset as we leave the gym.

7:30PM | When we get home, Colin quick cooks up some burger to add to our spaghetti sauce, then we take the dogs down the street to the school so they can run around and fetch the disk.

I didn’t take any photos the rest of the evening. We just ate delicious spaghetti, watched some TV (Bob’s Burgers, Archer and Into the Badlands), I also played Suduko on my phone which I’ve really been into lately. Cleaned up the kitchen. We sat in bed reading and listening to podcasts for a while with the window cracked open to let in some fresh air…Ahhh, good night, Monday…