2017 Week in the Life – Saturday, April 22nd

Whoa! Good morning, selfie!

10:31am | I like to get the bathrooms cleaned right away on Saturday mornings. I don’t know why I have motivation to do them first thing, but I’ve learned it’s best to just get it done. Otherwise I forget or get lazy and then don’t do it at all OR I get really grumpy about having to do it later.

11:00am | Sweet amazing man.

12:15pm | We are hosting a party for some friends next weekend so I have lots of work I want to get done in the front yard to make it look nicer.  The craziest thing happened this year. I planted some Mums in our pots out front last autumn and they this year, they came back! I’ve never had that happen before. All I can think is that we had a very mild winter and they were able to survive. I’m really excited – I hope they flower!

The job at the top of my list today, though, is trimming the lavender bushes along the side of the driveway. They were there when we moved in and I really don’t know how to care for them properly, but I do know that if I start trimming the tops and pulling out seemingly dead sections, they look nicer.

Signs of spring, all around!

12:36pm | Colin is prepping some wood signs for me to write on!

I love this color of stain he’s using.

Just some of today’s essentials: Lots of water, a hat and sunglasses. After spending a week in WI, watching lots of sports with my dad, I’m feeling the WI sports pride hard.

1:55pm | After getting the work in the front done, we moved on to the back. We moved our compost pile from one side of the property line to the other. It was not awesome. But I do like the new placement. The pile is mostly for grass clippings and other yard debris. We need to start adding some other elements to it to turn it into proper compost.

5:47pm | The pile was moved, largely by Colin, but he said my efforts helped him a lot…I don’t know if I believe him, but it is very nice of him to say that…

We showered and then rested for a moment before heading into Boulder to see our friends Tess & Tom. They had originally invited us over for dinner, but called right as we were standing in the door to leave. Their oven would not turn on. It was so weird, the stove part was working fine, but the oven was dead.  So we changed plans real quick. Colin and I drove into Boulder and went to the Rio. And then we’d stop by Tess and Tom’s house before heading home to say hi and see the progress they made on the baby’s room!

7:03pm | Best margaritas!  These days, I usually just get one baby margarita (they are actually called “mini” but I fondly refer to them as little baby margaritas, sometimes by accident when ordering and the servers look at me weird.) Colin got a normal sized strawberry on the rocks.

Colin got steak nachos and I got steak fajitas – both typical!

7:48pm | Before heading to Tess’s, we made two important Boulder stops: Boulder Baked for some Gluten Free cupcakes and Ripple Frozen Yoghurt. We stayed at Tess and Tom’s for a bit, but it was already pretty late so it was a short visit. But we’ll be seeing them next weekend for the Baby Shower!

I also just wanted to mention my purse. I got it about a month ago and I love it. It’s actually a Very Bradley leather purse. They just started a new line of high quality leather bags and I have to say, it’s very good quality. I went in to buy a new fabric pattern purse which is my typical go-to. But I adored this color and couldn’t stop looking at it. The woman helping in the store confirmed that she has a similar one and the quality is really impressive, so I splurged!

9:14pm | Home again! Our dogs are so incredibly spoiled. When stopped for frozen yoghurt, we got them each a cup as well. It includes peanut butter, peanuts and little yogurt chips. Izzy says she’ll eat Penny’s if Penny doesn’t want it. Um, no, Izzy.

9:50pm | Colin wanted to watch TV, but I was just really in the mood to read, especially since I’m so close to finishing Book 5 in the Harry Potter series.

Colin decided to watch a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode/movie. I loved hearing him laugh out loud throughout the show. I do like watching those as well, but I don’t feel like I need to watch every single one 🙂

Izzy decided to join me as I read. Love!