2017 Week in the Life – Sunday, April 23rd

Today I did a lot of “From Where I Stand” photos. I didn’t go anywhere as I had a lot of work to catch up on, so I just wanted to capture the day from a slightly different perspective. Spoiler, I also hung out in my pajama pants for super long portion of the day!

6:10am | Started the morning off early, again, thanks to Penny and her really small bladder. Most mornings I stand in this very spot and wait for the girls to come back in so we can move on to filling their bowls for breakfast. Then we all usually go back to bed for another couple hours.

11:01am | I changed into ‘real’ clothing on the top half, but opted to leave the PJ pants on 🙂 Today, we have a few extra-ripe bananas so I’m making banana bread. Both Colin and I really enjoy having this as part of our breakfast in the mornings so it’s a pretty regular thing around here. Colin also made coffee so I sip & make, sip & make…

11:03am | If you are making something in the kitchen, chances are Izzy is near by, keeping an eye on the progress. We say that she is ‘supervising’ the activities. She is absolutely a food motivated dog. She is super nosy and will often come sniff around the counter to see what’s going on up there.

11:24am | Auntie Peggy and Uncle stop by to pick up some things I brought back from WI with me. The dogs adore Peggy. All you have to say is “Auntie Peggy is coming” and they go over to the door and wait for her.


Decided she better grab some lilacs from our bush in back – good idea. They smell heavenly.

12:58pm | Success!  Lately I’ve been laying a thin (or not so thin) layer of brown sugar on the top of the batter before putting it in the oven…so so good, especially with some pecans in there too.

12:59pm | Izzy is satisfied with the banana bread results (as you can probably tell by her wagging tail) So I am off to get some work done!

2:03pm | I walked in to find them both napping. I may have joined them for a little bit.

2:24 | Most of my afternoon was spent catching up on lettering work. I have a couple big projects I need to finish as well as prepping pieces for my shop so I have a better selection available. While I worked, I found a show on Amazon call Dr. Thorne. It is based on a book by Anthony Trollope. It’s only three episodes, but they were really good. It was created by Jullian Fellows, the same guy that did Downton Abbey. It reminded me of the BBC’s version of Pride & Prejudice in the style it was executed.

Penny likes to lay under my desk while I work and sometimes when I’m not working as well. So I put a rug under there for her. She’s not opposed.

5:09pm Our friends John and Cindie are coming over later tonight with their dog, Cooper, so he can meet our doges. He’s going to stay with us for about 10 days in May while Mom & Dad vacation in South America.  Colin took the opportunity to clean off the patio and the chairs. Definitely great weather for it!

I just wanted to mention something even though I don’t have a photo of it. After accomplishing some things around the house, Colin went for bike ride around North Table Mountain. He also stopped at the store for me on the way home to get some provisions for a taco dinner. He loves mountain biking SO much, like SO much. There is a social app you can use to track your time for the routes you take and then you can compare how you did to how others did on the same route. He had the 3rd best time for the day and was super excited.

5:10pm | Cooling off some Ciders I bought the other night but forgot to put in the fridge. Also, prepping Tacos and listening to a Billy Holiday station on Spotify.

8:34pm | John and Cindie had spent the day in the mountains skiing so it was a chill evening of dinner and puzzles!  They are really good at puzzles…I can only hope to be half as good as they are some day 🙂

Cooper!! He got along fine with the girls. He’s a super friendly, chill dog. See ya in a couple weeks, buddy!

9:59pm | Snapchat from my bro in Texas. Wish I was there – looks so relaxing.

10:15pm | After dinner, it was a shower and then into bed. Sometimes, Penny wants snuggles before bed. I sit on the floor with her for a while and she snuggles in between my legs. We just sit there like that until she’s ready to go to her bed. I love it.

10:52pm | Our bed looks so inviting! Decided last minute to throw on some clean sheets. Buying a second set up sheets for our bed was one of the best decisions of my life. Always a clean set ready to go!

End of a great day, end of a great week. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I am so happy that I have these photos and memories recorded. I loved looking back at last year’s project and it gave me extra motivation to do it again this year!

I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead!!