2017 Week in the Life – Thursday 4/20

Good morning Thursday!!  That green hose you likely see in a lot of the pictures I take of the yard is to water the tree there. That tree tends to hoard the water in the ground around it and it’s really hard to get grass to grow on the hill just beyond the trunk. We’re hoping if we give the tree it’s own water more often this year, the grass will have a chance of surviving!

While I got some laundry started, Izzy joined me. I thought I better give her some hugs.

Lots of errands to run today. Costco, coffee shop, drop off some cards for a friend. I don’t mind Costco so much on weekdays. It still stresses me out to go in there, but at least there is room to move around.

Boulder Flatirons shot while waiting at a red light.

Colin and I both love Ozo coffee. So made a special stop in Boulder to grab a bag of their decaf beans. Since I survived Costco earlier, I thought I’d treat myself to an iced latte and some of my favorite GF Lemon Poppy seed bread!

Penny enjoys rides where she can stick her head out the window a lot, so she came along with me today. She had a great time and enjoyed a little tiny piece of lemon poppy seed bread 😉

A shot that Colin got of Izzy while I was gone – so fluffy!

I went out to help Colin and Izzy finish filling the garden box with the woodchips. Such hard workers!

At 4:30, I made my way over to my friend Kati’s for a fun night out!  She invited me to join her for a viewing of The Princess Bride at the Paramount Theater in downtown Denver. It’s pretty much one of my very favorite movies ever (Colin’s too, he was bummed he couldn’t go…but I wasn’t giving up my ticket! ha!), so I was super excited to get to go! We survived some horrible Colorado 4-20 traffic and found a spot near the theater for dinner. Then we waited for a little bit in the rain to enter the theater. Totally worth it!!

It was a full house!  Such a beautiful venue too.

We had great seats and it was a wonderful experience! It was so fun to be in a room where everyone was reciting the best lines and clapping at the amazing parts. After the movie, Wesley himself (aka Cary Elwes) came out on stage for a Q&A. He was so great. Really charismatic and down to earth. He talked a lot about how the movie didn’t do well in the theaters, so the actors and staff all just kind of went on with their lives, not thinking much of it except that they had a great time making it. Then about 10 years later, they started noticing people approaching them and reciting lines from the movie and asking lots of questions. When the VHS player became standard in people’s homes, suddenly the film experienced a resurgence and it was awesome. Cary ended up writing a book about what it was like working with the other actors and many of them contributed to it as well. I’m thinking I’m going to get myself a copy because the stories he was telling were wonderful!!

After the event, Kati and I headed back home. It was a late night, but so amazing. I always love spending time with her and this was an extra special experience that I’ll never forget <3