2017 Week in the Life – Tuesday 4/18

Tuesday, April 18 2017

8:00am | I just can’t even describe how much I love that big brown nose. Most days, Izzy & Penny come in to let us know that it is definitely time to get out of bed. They take turns on each side of the bed. I imagine them giving each other looks like, “Is yours budging? No? Mine either. Let’s switch sides.”

9:30am | Eggs & hashbrowns & bacon for breakfast. I have some fans. We let the girls lick the egg plates. They love eggs. Colin had already finished (he eats so so fast) so they were waiting for me to be done…we’ve created egg monsters.

Big Hugs!!! You get them whether you want them or not around here 😉

Around here we do french press coffee and tea – both decaf. Turns out we both sleep a lot better when we eliminate caffeine from our diets.

Today’s work, a piece my cousin has commissioned for her new baby girl’s room. It’s a page from the book “Wish” by Matthew Cordell. It’s really cute and sweet and it might make you cry a little…or a lot.

3:00pm | Confession: I forgot to eat lunch today.  Oops.

I have a bunch of the Tombow dual tip pens, but I really struggle to use them in a way that I like. Today, I decided to try using them on watercolor paper (which is probably not great for the brush tips at all as it will pull on the fibers of the felt tip, but hey, if it works and I actually use them, I’m okay with them wearing out a little faster.) I really like the way it turned out! It took me a couple tries to get something I liked, but I thought the blending worked much better on the watercolor paper than on other types I’ve tried!

Most days, around 4pm, Penny comes to find me to let me know she’s ready to play. This dog has a really impressive internal clock.

Stretching before play. Good habits.


We have quite a few blossoms on the apple tree again this year. Bracing ourselves for lots of apples.

The standoff.

5:00pm | Dinner time

“I need to make some lists!” I announce to Colin, who rolls his eyes, and for the billionth time since we’ve known each other says “Girls love to make lists” (it’s a South Park joke) which causes me to roll my eyes in return. Although, truly, this girl does like to make lists! Today’s lists involve things to get at the grocery store & things to get done in the house before the shower we’re hosting in a couple weekends.

7:30pm | She’s our observer. She loves to be outside. She guards the yard against squirrels and bunnies. She takes her job very seriously.

10:00pm | We had leftovers for dinner which means minimal dishes. Yay! Then we settled in on the couch for a movie. Izzy was really snuggly as the evening wore on. This is not typical for her. So I made Colin snap a picture. We have one of those LoveSac couches and it’s still set up in the guest bed configuration from last weekend when my cousin stayed for a few nights. It’s just so comfy, we can’t bring ourselves to put it back into couch mode! We do let the dogs get on this couch because the covers are extra tough and washable, but they aren’t allowed on any other stuff. For the most part they are really good about that rule.