2015.365 Photo Challenge – Week Two

2015 365 Week 2-01


My intention was to post this on Wednesday, but I ended up getting home late last night.  I pulled all my photos from the week together, but I ran out of energy and decided that the world would not end if I posted today instead.  I hope I’m right!

Day8 Quiet: The positive to Penny waking me up at really early hours is that I often get to see amazing sunrise colors in our backyard.  The pinks on this particular morning were so pretty that I ran and grabbed my phone from the room – and just in time because the colors faded quickly after this.

Day9 Nostalgia: I have very fond memories of these Christmas Village buildings from my childhood.  They belong to my Aunt and I was always mesmerized by the light that came from the windows and the snow painted on the roofs.  The village has been passed on to me now as my Aunt doesn’t have an ideal space for it anymore.  I feel like I’ve inherited a Christmas Treasure. I have it set up next to our fireplace and have thoroughly enjoyed having all the lights off and just sitting in the glow from the fire, the Christmas tree and the village. I’m in the process of packing up Christmas this week and hate to put the village away most of all.

Day10 Sleepiness: This is my friend’s son who is a little over a year old and so stinkin’ cute.  We went shopping that day and when we were in a candy shop he found this Light Saber toy that had M&Ms in it.  When you push the button on the handle it lights up blue.  Well let me tell you, he just thought it was so amazing.  Being the awesome Auntie that I am, I absolutely bought it for him. When he fell asleep holding his Light Saber it just warmed my heart.

Day11 Something Green: The Green Bay Packers were playing in the Divisional Playoff that day against the Dallas Cowboys so this was a no-brainer prompt for me.  Of course I waited until after they won to take this photo to make sure that I didn’t jinx them!  The Pack is on their way to Seattle for the Conference Playoff!  Honestly, I don’t have high hopes for this game…but ya never know! Go Pack!!!

Day12 Silliness: I LOVE SNOWMEN. I know it’s silly, but whatever. Mr. Faber got me this LED snowman at a Super-Nerds Conference (that’s what I call the Super Computing Conference) and he’s become my good buddy.  I enjoy having him around while I work in my office.

Day13 Humor: This would be a photo of Penny sleeping with her nose right in Izzy’s butt (who is also sleeping.)  They are gross and also hilarious. They make life awesome.

Day14 Upside Down: I waited all darn day for something upside down to make itself known to me, but nada. Finally, at dinner with my girlfriend I noticed that the crayons on the table were upside down – boom! done!

Cheers everyone!