Christmastime With Jake – 2014

Do you know that feeling where you are with one of your very favorite people, spending time together, and you just know you need to remember it?  Remember as much of it as you can?  Because those types of moments likely won’t happen that way again…

That’s how Christmas 2014 was for me.  My baby bro, Jake, decided to drive up from Texas with his cutie-patootie dog to spend a couple weeks with us in Denver. His good friend, R, was living in CO at the time as well – so much fun!

I don’t always get to go home for Christmas to be with my parents and siblings. Colin’s family is here in CO, though, as well as my Aunt and Uncle who we are very close with. This means the Christmas season is never lonely, but I do get a bit homesick for my loved ones and nostalgic for that feeling of being ‘home for Christmas’.

So when Jake said he wanted to spend the time with us, my heart just filled up!

20151216_153104 edited

One night, Colin, Jake and I made our way to Boulder to visit our good friends at their home and then visit our favorite restaurant. The Rio!!

If you are in the Boulder/Denver area, and you like margaritas, you have stop in at a Rio Grand. Due to the strength of these drinks, they have a ‘Limit 3’ rule. And FYI, the food gets better the more you drink – true story.  It’s just a fun place with good food and uniquely strong drinks.

20151216_153048 edited

It was a fun night! I love how the elements of this page emulate the festive feeling of the experience. A friend of mine gave me that red pine cone washi tape – I love it!

The red and silver stars are from Freckled Fawn. I think ‘Magical’ and ‘holiday memories’ are from Elle’s Studio.

20151216_153031 edited

I also had a lot of fun using some stamps and coloring them in with gel pens. That ‘Cheer’ tag was the perfect addition to this margarita memory.

20151216_153014 edited

Used some skinny washi to make the lines for my journaling to rest on and that completed the layout!

In retrospect, the Feliz Navidad probably didn’t need to sit on top of such a busy patterned paper. I had the letters on some wax paper as I moved them around, trying to figure out the best spot for them.  I think the wax paper clouded out the pattern so it didn’t seem quite so busy. Once on the paper, though, whoa! There’s a lot going on there, ha!