First Family Photo – 2010

December 2010 – I waited and waited AND waited for snow.

I really wanted to get a simple family photo (Izzy, Colin and myself) with snow to send out in Christmas cards that were to double as our wedding Save-the-Date.  But the weather gods said “No! No snow for you.”

On with Plan B!


camera with timer
one adorable labradoodle
new plaid Christmas shirt
…that was Plan B.

Getting Izzy to look at the camera at the same time Colin and I were looking at the camera proved to be more difficult than I imagined. We got this one good shot in the end though!

I would also just like to point out that Colin and I did NOT coordinate our outfits on purpose – that was a very happy coincidence (me more happy than Colin, I don’t think he really cared). Burgundy red and jeans for the win!

Do you coordinate your loved ones’ clothing for special events?  (or do you get coordinated by a loved one??) I feel like I don’t very often.  If he asks me ‘what should I wear’ I’ll give him my ideas and he often goes along with that…or he doesn’t and comes up with his own plan. I’m pretty type A, but to me, being type A gets exhausting sometimes and I don’t actually WANT to do all the planning and coordinating.  (Does that make me type AB+ or something? I don’t know.) So I like it when Colin takes it upon himself to plan his own style and such.  Plus, then I get some happy surprises, like how perfectly he matched me that day!


I made this layout last year (2014) with some kits I got from the Hip Kit Club.  The kits didn’t actually include much of this deep red, but there were a couple of pieces so I immediately thought of this photo and how perfectly they coordinated.  It was fun to do a December Flashback layout.  I love to reminisce, especially about Christmas. Do other people take photos from years back and scrap them?  I’m new to this scrappy world, so I have lots of old stories I’d like to document.

To this point in time (Dec 2015), I haven’t done many ‘current events’ layouts because I’m so excited to tell about the past…I wonder if others might think that’s a strange way to go about it – do tell! What’s your strategy? Do you have a scrapbooking or memory keeping manifesto of sorts? Or do you just scrap whatever strikes you at the time?

I don’t remember which companies and lines all of these elements are from, but I think there is some Elle’s Studio: paper (Christmas trees) and wood veneers & green no peeking tag? Don’t quote me on that though…The red mini letter stickers are Webster’s Pages I believe. I drew the ‘Celebrate’ on there myself and I punched out some of those green red and silver snowflakes from some foil card stock I’ve had for a long time.

The grey tag at the top is actually from a pack of tags I got at Paper Source.  It can be pulled out from behind the photo to reveal my journaling, which is similar to the story I told in this post 🙂


This is truly one of the first 12×12 layouts I ever made
and I don’t hate it…
Do I see lots of things I’d like to change?
You betcha.
I do like to look at this one and see how far I’ve come, though.  The fact that I can look at this and pick out areas I could do better and also know how I could make them better, that’s a big deal!
I’m growing – finally! ha!

xxoo, rosie

2 thoughts on “First Family Photo – 2010

  1. I think this layout is still so nice though, even if it was one of the first. I love that you used your handwriting (even back then).
    I have always scrapbooked the past. Halloween this year was the first time that I printed pictures immediately after the event and scrapbooked them. You know what? It was fantastic to do it that way! My journaling was so much better and detailed because I still remembered everything! haha! I think I’m going to start trying to scrap events as they happen and then between those I’ll work on past events. We have too many pictures to ever scrap them all anyway so I’m not worried about being caught up, I just like the idea of having different time periods to switch between and keep it interesting.

    1. That’s such a great way to think about it – being able to look back at different points our timelines – and remember the stories from those times!

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