Week In The Life 2016 – Thursday 5.13


And just like that, it’s Thursday!

I feel like I captured a lot of ‘real’ life today around the house. When I woke up and looked around the room, a heavy weight of ugg-ness fell over me. Our bedroom is by far my least favorite room in our house. It’s so boring, bland, blah – whatever you want to call it. I am feeling this deep need to paint it. If we already have some paint in the garage, I just might tackle that this weekend…if not, I may go buy some next week.

There is actually a reason why we haven’t done much with it since moving in a few years ago. That wall on the left? We want to cut into it and turn it into a second closet. There is already a bathroom closet on the other side, but we don’t need it and it would be so nice for Colin and I to each have our own closet.

And then there is the bathroom – it also needs a remodel, badly. Walls need to torn down and new insulation needs to go in.  That room is so so freezing cold in the winter.

So, I should probably wait to paint…but sometimes just doing little things like painting really helps my attitude!


My sister called while I was brushing my teeth – she is a couple time zones ahead of me and works a lot. So I called her back right away to hopefully take advantage of some of her free time!  We ended up talking for about 45 minutes! So fun! I asked her if she’d help me with some wording for items in my Etsy shop (she said she would!!) because she is a fantastic writer in my opinion. She has a great way of describing things – I may be biased, but I really do think she is so talented.

And because I had my shop on my mind….

I. DID. IT. I put in the new banking info and opened the shop. Only a few things in there, but that’s okay. I have lots more to add in the coming weeks and it’s just fun!


Morning nap with one of her ‘babies.’ Both dogs are really gentle with their toys. We’ve had some of the same ones for years. They carry them around like babies or their buddies. We think it’s super cute.


Another ‘real’ life thing these days. Colin has been working most of the days from our second living room (he’s very animated here as he’s on a conference call). He’s just not into his office right now. I personally think it’s because it doesn’t get much direct sunlight…so dark all the time.  I asked him if he wants to make part of this room his office. He said he’ll think about it 🙂


Colin bought the fish some new plants this week – they’ve been rearranging them. Obviously didn’t care for Colin’s placement.


We have a doggie door, but Izzy has struggled to get back into the house using it since her knee surgery. When we’re home, we just leave this door open for her so she can go in and out. Both dogs have really become accustomed to having this kind of independence. They go in and out all day long. We’re lucky in that we don’t have a lot of bugs here. Otherwise, leaving this door open just wouldn’t be an option.


She often sets up base here so she can watch for squirrels. It’s a good spot to survey the whole back yard from. Very strategic.


Penny is a snuggler. I was working out on the patio again this morning, but no matter where I am, she usually comes to find me late morning from some pets and snuggles. If I’m not paying enough attention, she will nudge my arm with her nose. How can I be expected to say no to that sweet face??


At lunchtime, Colin and I got in the truck and made our way to Boulder.


Boulder! It was my first home in Colorado. Those white tops are the Arapaho Peaks, I believe. Colin and I drive in multiple times a week – there are just so many great reasons. We both lived here for a long time before moving a few years back. So lots of our favorite things and places are still here. We were actually married in Boulder too – little romantic side note!

Today our reason is to see our chiropractor (who we love and is totally worth the 30+ min drive). We usually go on different days, but stuff happened this week (like me completely spacing my appointment yesterday!!) that made going in together the new plan. I was quite happy he drove the big ole’ truck so I could take some photos from up high!


While I was doing my warm-up exercises, I noticed the toys. Memories came to me of when my parents took us to the Chiropractor many many years ago. They had this toy there that was a clear plastic box with many layers inside, all enclosed. There were also three little balls and you had to get the balls through all the layers of puzzles in the box and there was even a little hour glass timer thing on the side. Once you got all the balls to one end, you could turn it upside down and move the balls through the puzzles again to the other end. There were levers and pulls and things that turned. I’m not describing it well, I’m sure, but it was so cool. I’d never seen a toy like it and still haven’t. We’d fight over who got to use it – of course!


We happened to be Cindie’s last appointments before lunch so she came along with us for some food! Oh Boulder. Never a dull moment.


One of our favorite spots – The Rio Grande! We hadn’t been here in a couple months, which is incredibly unusual. It was a gorgeous day and the rooftop patio was open. We had a great meal with lots of fun conversation and maybe a mini margarita (or two!) for me. (I had to order another because our waiter wanted to buy one for us – he said we were his ‘coolest’ table by far all day. Yay us – we’re cool!


Home again! Finished up work around 5 and then we played with the girls in the back yard for a bit. So happy!


This is real life for me – killing plants. I swear I don’t mean to. As far as I can figure, it’s 50% forgetfulness, 30% ignorance and 20% laziness. It makes for a lethal combination, literally. Trying to salvage this basil plant…looks kind of hopeless, though.


Just loving the longer and later daylight hours, and the hammock!


Colin convinced me to go on a bike ride with him. I really REALLY didn’t want to go. Those little margaritas were telling me to lay down on the couch. Colin can be very persistent, however. So glad I went in the end and it makes him so happy when I go along. No clue why he likes it so much that I go, because I’m slooooooow and nervous on a bike. He says biking is his favorite thing and I’m his favorite person – so he loves it when the two are combined….WHOA! Major Cheese! haha!

20160512_184912 20160512_184914

DINNER!!! They get so excited!

20160512_200519 20160512_200530

Finally got to play with my new letterpress plates! Got some good ones, more messy ones, though. I knew it was going to be trial and error. You have to get just the right amount of ink on the plates. Too much ink and it all squishes outside the impression. Will try again this weekend – gotta keep practicing!


Doing a little more work before bed – Colin was also working in the other room so I just waited until he was done and then called it a night…

Seriously, still not loving this room! Ha, it’s come full circle today 🙂  Must be a sign that if I didn’t like this morning and still don’t at the end of the day, something must be done about it!!