Week In The Life 2016 – Wednesday 5.12



Today, I wanted to notice things. Interesting how, some things, I took a picture because I noticed something I wanted to remember and reflect, and other things I noticed after I took the picture…makes me extra grateful for photos!


Colin had a bit of a rough night, so I got up early with the girls to get some work done and just relax next to the fireplace. I don’t know what made me think of it, but I suddenly really wanted to watch TCM and old movies.  I get in these moods sometimes.  Turns out there was a Shirley Temple movie on – FUN! So I had that on in the background while I worked.


I noticed that the dogs often go back to bed once they’ve had their breakfast. It’s like an early morning nap.


I made myself two breakfasts this morning…first some toast, later some yogurt and granola.

I love how Izzy NEVER misses a chance to watch us make something at the counter. She’s very reliable that way.


Noosa Yoghurt is our go-to. It’s made locally here in Colorado…they used to sell it at the Farmers Market in Boulder 🙂  Now it is available all over. They just came out with KEY LIME!!  It is to. die. for. I almost feel guilty eating it for breakfast…almost.

Gosh I love my polka dot bowls. They are such happy little bowls!


Izzy has been on a pills regiment for the last month. She takes them no problem as long as there is some peanut butter involved.  So of course Penny needs some too, minus the pills.

Izzy has had a good week so far. Really no limping. She has a little skip in her step. I want to remember how happy she is, even when she’s not feeling 100%. A reminder that even on my not-so-great days, there are always reasons to be happy.


Yay, Colin is up! Time to play!

Penny’s tail is just the best. It has curled up and over like that since she was a little puppy. When she’s really happy and proud she holds it in almost a perfect circle.

That table is turned on its side because on the other side of it we just put some new soil down to patch the area. Keeps the dogs from trampling over it…and it is probably a good reminder for the humans as well. Grow grass grow!


Izzy has been my buddy this week – she just follows me around. Wherever I’m working, that’s where she wants to be. I don’t mind one little bit.

I noticed that Izzy got up and picked up this elephant from another part of the patio. She brought it over to her spot and then proceeded to use it as a pillow. Creature comforts, I guess!


Trying to come up with a solution for our dandelion outbreak…always problem solving, that guy.

20160511_160704 20160511_160913

Started to get overcast and chilly, so back to the office to finish up work.

I’m trying this new idea out for getting my tasks accomplished at work. I’m setting a timer for about 20-30 minutes for each task. During that time, that’s all I work on, that one task. After the time is up, I can then decide to switch tasks or keep working on the same one, or take a little break if needed.  I’m hoping it will help me focus better and not jump from thing to thing without finishing them…We’ll see how it goes…seems to be working pretty well for now.


Snack time! Toast with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. We literally buy this stuff by the case.

Today, I remembered that I love to put slices of strawberry on top of this spread – need to buy some at the store today!


Time to go to the store! Just have a mental list of things I want: berries, bananas, yoghurt, Windex…

Loved to see all the flowers out in front of the store. Realized, I don’t think I’ve ever planted pansies. I like them a lot – such bright color combinations and their petals are so cute.  Might have to get some of these this year!


In case you were wondering, probiotics were also on the list…is that an over-share?! Sorry 🙂

Haha, I didn’t notice that balloon at all while I was in the store. Photobombed by a balloon!

20160511_191414 20160511_192039

Just enough time for a short walk before the sun goes down.

I wish could capture in a photo just how excited the girls get when I ask them if they want to go on a walk. There is a lot of bustling  and hustling and leaping in the air and spinning.  Pure happiness.

I think it is so cool that we live across from this park. At the far end there, it is a riding rink for horses. It’s a bit hard to see, but there is a woman riding a horse in this picture. She must just live down the street and she rode her horse down the road to the park. Same as me walking the dogs down the street to visit the park.


At 10 o’clock (usually on the dot, because we get ample, ample reminders from the girls) we give them ‘second dinner’ and then, best of all, they get their Greenies treats. They LOVE those things. Doggie crack, for real.  Once this ritual is over, they both head to bed. Their work here is done.